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What does my order status mean?

What should I do if the seller provides an invalid tracking number?
The seller is responsible to provide a tracking number on your order page after your order is placed and shipped. If no tracking information appears after 5\7\10 business days(It depends on your couriers.), you may do the following:

Please contact the seller and ask him or her to contact the shipping company to obtain the tracking information; or you may contact the shipping company directly through their official website. If the seller does not respond, you may report this to Shoege as an invalid tracking number. We will then confirm whether it is an invalid order. Click Here to check the video.

To report an invalid tracking number, you should first sign in to your Shoege account and go to "Avatar". From there locate "My Orders" from the drop-down menu. You will then see a list of all your shipped items. Proceed to click "Tracking"

After the buyer reports an invalid tracking number, the tracking status will be shown as “Awaiting handling”. We’ll look into this as soon as possible to determine whether it is an invalid tracking number.

Please be advised to go to your “Message History” to check for updates on our progress after 3 days.

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